This Website of the Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP) is the Institute's response to the long felt need for a guide and reference material for a public in need of expert professional services and advice in the electronics, communications and allied engineering fields.

It is for this reason that its major features are not only an updated listing of all the ECEs in the country but their respective fields of expertise as well which, we hope will facilitate for all sectors matters pertaining to expertise and specializations in various fields of the profession.

Students and, for that matter, the general public as well, will find this publication a useful guide to the rules and regulations affecting the ECE profession which, in a way, also find pertinence to various needs in business, trade, commerce and other development-oriented activities. At the same time, it is hoped that this Website shall serve to make the country's ECEs more aware of their duties and responsibilities towards their co-professionals not only as brothers and sisters in this vital field in the same way that is shall develop in them a sense of oneness and kinship with one another which is one of the principal reasons why this Website was conceived and published.

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